The Very First Book

Hi friends! I wanted to share a little more in depth about how book folding came into my life and how it has really changed the way I think about books & how they have changed me.

As I said before books have always been a huge part of my life but it was not until 3 years ago I learned just how valuable they can be.  Book folding is an art form that has been around for a while and was very popular in Europe and it has made its way over to the United States. The most popular way to create the book is mark, measure and fold.  That is how I create my books that you see here. Each page is carefully measured and then hand folded by me. 

When I started I had no idea what I was doing but with hard work (folding my little fingers to the bone!) and dedication to something that made me happy, I could see that this was something that I wanted to run with.  That lead to the creation of the ABC Market.  The baseline of my products will always be the book folding and while there will be other product lines that are incorporated the love the book folding will always be there. 

So do you want to see what my first book that was listed in my Etsy shop was? Drumroll please....


The first design I listed in my Etsy Shop.

The first design I listed in my Etsy Shop.

Now this sweet little double heart design will always be special to me.  The reaction that I got when I posted on social media was overwhelming and that lead to me expanding my brand, designs and creations.  Every ounce of what you see here is a labor of love from me to you.  There are many hours spent planning, laying out the design, marking each page (some books are over 900 pages!) and to folding the pages letting them evolve into a very unique gift.

I also want to show you the biggest book and one of my all time favorite designs in the shop. 

The Love Arrow <3


The Love Arrow book is over 900 pages.

The Love Arrow book is over 900 pages.

I hope this lets you see how impactful books have been in my life and how these gifts are something that can last for the next generation to enjoy.