Currently Loving...

As you can tell around here is that I love books.  But I have never set out a goal of how many books I wanted to read for the year.  Well this year I have made a goal of 40 books so that means that I need to read about 3-4 a month to keep that goal.  As of the middle of April, I am doing alright and I have read 17 books so far in 2018.  I have read books that I have absolutely loved and ones that have been alright but nothing special. 

The one book that has stood out this year is The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.  It is an extraordinary book about two sisters in WW11 set in France.  It is a heart wrenching tale that is both inspiring & eye opening. I have never really been into historical fiction before and this book has really opened my eyes to how beaitful retelling the past can be.

The front cover is stunning in person.

The front cover is stunning in person.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction, France, sibling relationships or just love. <3

Having a goal of reading is a little imitating but also really exciting because it allows me to explore different genres. If you have a book that you are currently reading and love please let me know!