ABC Reads - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Hi Book Buddies!

I wanted to talk about one of my favorite books so far of 2018. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman is truly a work of art about knowing who you are but then being open to change. The subject was not normally something I would automatically reach for but I am so glad that gave this a try. Because Eleanor made me laugh out loud, made me cry and most of all, she made me want to be her friend.

eleanor oliphant.jpg

Eleanor is completely fine with her life and being alone.  She is very particular in how she eats, works and dresses and she does not care what other people think.  Her social ability is lacking & she will also tell you how she feels without thinking twice. But her weekly phone calls with Mummy are a constant in her life.

Then one day she meets Nate at work who is warm and shows her how having a friend in life can be a positive thing. Even though she does not notice how having people in her life (besides having a weekly phone call with her Mum) can actually change her.

Throughout this book we see Eleanor pull back from people but then she starts to put herself out there and then beautiful things start to happen. 


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Eleanor Oliphant 2.jpg

The characters in this book transform and it shows how much opening your heart and mind can change your life.  Whether you know it or not, the people who come into your life are there for a reason and this story shows how one instant can completely change the trajectory of your life.

Please let me know if you have read this book and your thoughts!