Can I provide you with a book for the custom book art?

Yes absolutely! I will gladly use a book that you provide as long as it meets the standards that I need to have to create your order.

Also you will receive $5 off your order if you provide me with a book that will work! Just please contact me first and you also will be responsible for shipping the book to The ABC Market.


Can I have a certain color of book for my custom book art?

Yes you can! The main colors of the books that I use are dark blue, black, yellow, purple, blue, red, and grey.

When you check out please leave 2 or more color choice that you would be happy with.

I will work my best to find the color of book you want that will fit your custom order, but please be patient with me if that is not possible.


I cannot find the date or the initials I want on the shop. Where can I order my personalized book?

All the books you see in the shop are all example books. If you would like me to fold a specific date or an initial, please order one of the example books from the style of book you would like. Then please your date or initial in the comment section of you order.


How do I tell you what custom date or initials I would like for my order?

During the ordering process you will have the option to leave a comment to the seller. Please use the comment section to tell me what your custom date or initials are.


If I need a book within 3 days of my order, can you accommodate that?

Please contact me before you order your book so I can tell you if this is possible. I am very flexible and happy to work with your timeline.


Are you currently offering wholesale orders?

Yes, the shop is open for wholesale inquiries. Please contact me for additional details.